My Big Adventure 2012

The photo you see above was taken from my place last winter.  Nice view, eh?  A bit chilly but better than the one I had of the Altair over Kings Cross Tunnel.

It’s the second day of Spring, 2012 and I’m 6 days away from setting off on a two month adventure through the bottom, centre and top end of Australia..

When I retired at the end of 2008 and moved to Launceston it was partly because I decided that I wanted to travel overseas more.  Well, that idea went out the window quickly and nearly four years later I’m still here, having travelled nowhere.

The interesting thing, for me, is that left to my own devices I have been too busy to travel and I’ve done lots of other interesting things, including taking up woodturning.  I may not be very good at it but I love it.  And, after living for nearly 20 years in Darlinghurst, I love my life in Launceston.

Earlier this year, however, I decided it was time to hit the road.  I bought a Nissan Xtrail and enrolled in a 4wd training course in Lithgow, NSW.  Then I decided that I’d do a ‘tagalong’ tour to Central Australia.   Then, however, my attention was drawn to a fundraising activity organised by a French travel agent in Cairns.  Called the ‘ThelmanLouise’ tour it involves 6 teams of 3 women riding postie bikes from Darwin to Cairns.  The aim is to raise $30,000 for an orphanage in Nepal.  So I joined that, ran everything together and will have a very exciting two months.

Originally I decided to drive to Sydney.  Then I was looking at the map and realized that I had never been down the Great Ocean Rd.  So I decided to do that as well.  And, since the tagalong tour comes back through the Flinders Ranges and ends in Broken Hill I’ll be seeing that area as well.  And, since I’ll be driving from Broken Hill to Cairns, I’ll see a lot more of outback NSW and Qld than I thought possible.  I’m yawning just thinking about all that driving.

What I’d like you to do, since you’ve read this far, is to support the cause by making a donation at .Try to let them know that you’re a friend of mine – I think there’s a competition to see which team can raise the most money but I’ve never been less competitive in my life.  However, my team mates, Paula and Karen, have been working tirelessly to raise money and I have raised some here in Tassie by Rosemary and David Jones hosting a curry night at their house and members of the Tamar Woodturners Guild (Jim Baker, Jeff Scott, Brian Robinson, Dave Trivett and Bernie Poole) donating some very special items for the auction to be held in Cairns on 6 October.  A friend of Jim’s, Larayne Kingston from   donated a beautiful Huon Pine pendant.   I’ve never met Larayne but her kindness touched me.  Check out her website and visit her stall in Salamanca Place when you’re in Hobart.

The other thing I’d like you to do is send me messages of support.  I’m excited but a bit nervous about driving down all those long, lonely outback roads on my own to say nothing of being blown off the road between Darwin and Cairns by a road train and ending up in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

I’ll try to post some photos – actually, I’ve had this website for a while but I’ve done nothing with it for so long I forget how to use it.  Oh well, that’s a task that can be done between now and 12 October when 6 postie bikes, 6 Britz campervans and 6 brave women set off to ride 2,800 km at no more than 80 km/h. I have heard of postie bikes reaching 100 km/h but the website says ‘To achieve this the postie needs to be assisted by a combination of the following; a downhill run, drafting a car or truck sitting or lying in an aerodynamic position, and a tailwind.’

Today is Sunday 2 September and I leave on the Spirit of Tasmania next Saturday.  Wish me luck.

8 Responses to My Big Adventure 2012

  1. Greg says:

    Dearest Carole,
    Wishing you the very best with smooth traveling with no bumps or pot holes while on your many journeys.
    We count the days until we see you.
    Your bros
    G & T XXXX
    P.S, Please mind the odd water buffalo on the road.

  2. Rosemary says:

    I’ll keep the boys posted of your travels :-) Take lots of Quells on the Spewit of Tas Saturday night hehe, looking forward to the first update.
    Take care xxx

  3. Amanda and Anthony says:

    Dear Carole,
    We will be following your adventure closely and are very excited to be able to share your stories with Thea and Maeve (who will log on in the wee hours). Take care on your fantastic journey, Amanda, Anthony, Thea and Maeve xxxx.

  4. Janice says:

    Hi Carole, I’m so jealous, I bet you’ll have a ball you always cope so will with new situations. It all sounds very exciting so enjoy your self and don’t forget your friends in Sydney who want to see you when you finally get down this way.

  5. Dragica says:

    Dear Carole,
    I truly admire your courage and your devotion! You are a very special person with great ideas which would never cross my mind. I know you will successfully accomplish your journey and I am looking forward to your posts. Take care and have a great and safe journey.

  6. Anne Stevens says:

    Hi Carole,
    I finally got on to your blog. And Jan has been pasing on the messages. Had to look to see where Innamincka is. You sure had a long drive. And now Dorothy the red postie bike’s turn. Good luck and we’ll keep in touch. Even an approx date for Sydney would be good. You know what happens here don’t you

  7. Sharan Whitcombe says:

    Hi Big Sis,

    I hope you have a wonderful journey. What a great experience! Stay safe. I think you got all the adventurous genes…lol

    Love your little Sis xx

  8. Marko says:

    Hi Carole,

    I think it’s a fantastic cause and a great way to have an adventure! As they say in India, Go Slow! :)

    Go Tassie Devils!

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